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This is an ecology assignment. All the questions you need to answer are attached to files. It is a total of 9 questions. Please read them carefully.

Finance, Accounting and Banking

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If a company sells with Net 30 terms, do you think their customers would BUY more if terms were changed to Net 60 terms without increasing their customers credit limit? Explain your answer.(not too long just 200 words please)


Please make sure you include a title with your abstract submission.

Submit, in MS Word, a 250 word double space, 12 point character size, abstract on a construction law research topic/case studies of your choice. Include at the end of the abstract 5-10 keywords for your topic/case studies. Please make sure your margins do not exceed 1″ top, bottom, left, and right. Please make sure you include a title with your abstract submission.


Essentials of business law and the legal environment (13th ed.).

Please apply if you have access to the textbook.
Mann, R. A., & Roberts, B. S. (2018). Essentials of business law and the legal environment (13th ed.). Cengage Learning.
Assignment Content
As explained in your reading, in a civil lawsuit prior to the trial the parties engage in "discovery", which is the process of fact finding. One of the primary ways in discovery to collect facts and evidence to help prove your case is through witness "deposition" testimony. A deposition is when a witness is asked a series of out-of-court, oral questions by an attorney and the witness is required to give sworn answers. For this assignment, please read the mock case below along with the instructions that follow it:
The Defendant, Westfield Toasters, is being sued because they are the manufacturer of a toaster that was recently involved in a fatal accident. The toaster was purchased by Jane Smith, a widowed, single mother with four children under 10 years old. Ms. Smith bought the toaster a month ago and used the toaster for approximately three weeks before it blew up while she was making toast for her children`s breakfast. The explosion killed Ms. Smith on impact. Her estate has brought a $28 million dollar lawsuit against Westfield Toasters for creating the defective product and also largely due to the fact that her four children no longer have any biological parents to care for them. Westfield Toasters believes that the toaster was not the cause of the explosion but instead it was due to the faulty electrical wiring from a company that is no longer in business and is not a defendant in the case. Ms. Smith`s estate claims that there was not any electrical work done in the home recently and all of the blame is due to the defective toaster. It has come out in other aspects of discovery that Westfield Toasters recently had a recall on a line of their toasters that was a different product than the one Ms. Smith purchased and that Westfield Toasters moved their manufacturing plant from the U.S. to an overseas location (one year before Ms. Smith purchased the toaster). Lastly, Westfield Toasters` CEO was previously the head of marketing of another appliance company that went out of business because of customer complaints with the product quality.
Depositions are underway and Ms. Smith`s estate is about to take the deposition testimony of Westfield Toasters` CEO.
You will be the Plaintiff`s (Ms. Smith`s estate) attorney. Your assignment this week is to come up with Ten questions to ask at the deposition of the defense`s witness, the CEO of the company. You need to: (1) state your questions; and (2) underneath each question give an explanation as to what information you are trying to obtain with your question and how this information will positively or negatively affect your case. Each individual explanation for EACH question must be a minimum of 100 words. If any of your explanations do not meet this minimum, then you will not receive credit for that question. Remember, the idea of discovery is to collect facts/evidence before trial and the deposition testimony is sworn so the witness must tell you the truth.
I recognize that you likely do not know how to do deposition questions; all I am looking for is what you would want to ask the defense witness in order to collect information to help you prove your case. With that said, please do NOT just do an internet search on how to write deposition questions and then use ten general questions. The questions should be your own and should be crafted about the particular facts in this case. If you copy ten general deposition questions from another source, you will not receive any credit.
The TEN deposition questions and corresponding explanations with 100 word minimums.


Aided education mentor with new hire nursing skills class and goal setting for their orientation

Please begin by discussing the successes
and challenges of your Education
Practicum Experience and your Direct
Care Practicum Experience.
Direct care mentor activities
review labs and correlate lab values for patients with cardiac conditions with mentor
Shadowed mentor during rapid responses for patient with v tach and followed mentor in debrief after event. She allowed me to give input to advocate to monitor patient lab values in correlation to cardiac rhythms
I performed rounds on the patients with her and she allowed me to give input
Teaching different patients with family with patient and family understanding
Followed mentor make referrals for social work, case management and other consults for patients
Education practicum activities
Conduct sessions with staff nurse regarding safety and continuing education classes
Aided education mentor with new hire nursing skills class and goal setting for their orientation
Attended class for safety bundle for prevent fall


This is for my payroll compliance legislation course.

This is for my Payroll Compliance Legislation course. I required this in Memo format please. Attached is the scenario. Reference is National Payroll Institute – Payroll Compliance Legislation


Balance sheet and statement of cashflow).

Write 1 essay research and write 3pgs on how best in class accounting departments serve their companies and what types of reporting and tools they use.
My suggestion: -Financial Statements (income statement,
Balance Sheet and statement of cashflow).
-Internal control
– Accounts payable automation system
within ERP systems (QuickBooks, SAP etc)
– Decision making for business


Be sure to include in-text citations with your answers.

Using a reputable source (Wikipedia should not be considered a reputable source) answer the following questions. Be sure to include in-text citations with your answers. Include an APA-style reference page for all of your sources.

Health Science

According to your own state`s nurse practice act and compare it to one other state`s nurse practice act.

according to your own state`s Nurse Practice Act and compare it to one other state`s Nurse Practice Act. According to your state`s definition of delegation, was the nurse able to delegate this task to the nursing assistant? Why or why not? Compare and contrast this scenario with anther delegation scenario from your nursing practice. The scenario is a nurse asking a nursing assistant to remove an IV which is out of her scope of practice

Business and Management tesla versus ford leadership styles

Characteristics of top Fortune 500 CEO –

B. Describe and discuss their leadership style
1. How it’s different/similar
2.Compare Tesla versus Ford leadership styles